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Investment Management

Investing Is About Managing Market Risk

We ground our investment management in the seasoned academic evidence on how capital markets have rewarded investors over the long-term for taking appropriate levels of market risk. We typically implement our strategies by investing in markets instead of individual stocks. We will never advise you to chase a hot stock tip in your retirement portfolio. In fact, we won’t advise you to pick individual stocks at all. Instead, we’ll suggest a globally diversified portfolio of entire markets: US Stocks, bonds, foreign and emerging market stocks, commodities, and real estate.

Investing Is About Managing Personal Dynamics 

Beyond the academics, there’s the human factor. There’s your family and your wealth. Academic evidence has demonstrated that much of investing is beyond control, especially when it comes to forecasting an essentially unknowable future. Rather than base your portfolio on crystal ball gazing, we construct it according to four factors that we can control:

  1. Protecting you from risks that entail no expected benefit. That’s why we broadly diversify your holdings rather than concentrate them in individual selections.
  2. Incorporating risks with expected rewards, but only in accordance with your unique ability, wiliness, and need for risk. That’s why we allocate your holdings globally among risky and less-risky asset classes such as fixed income, equity, real estate, and commodities. 
  3. Minimizing unnecessary costs and including taxes. That’s why we invest in low-cost mutual funds and ETFs and why we seek to best locate your investments between taxable and retirement accounts. 
  4. Fostering decision-making that emphasizes logic over emotions. That’s why we provide ongoing counseling on how emotions can damage a disciplined, long-term strategy.