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Gage Wealth Management Group

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Our Disciplined Process

Our process embodies our pledge to you; we transcend mere asset allocation strategy and offer a consultative approach which seeks to establish an ongoing partnership with you geared toward developing strategies for your developing objectives and opportunities. Our consultative process accomplishes these goals by addressing the following key elements depicted here:

PHASE I: Discovery

Through our holistic discovery process, we determine your current financial situation, where you want to go, and the challenges you face in achieving what is important to you. We delve into the realm of our clients’ most important values, relationships, and lifelong dreams.

PHASE II: Strategy

At the investment plan meeting, we work together using the information we gathered at our first meeting to develop a complete diagnostic of your current financial situation and a plan for achieving your investment-related goals. If you and we both feel we can truly add value to your financial life, we make a formal commitment to one another, and we get under way with finalizing and implementing your select plan.

PHASE III: Implementation

At the implementation meeting, we bring the creativity and expertise to implement customized strategies in an effective and sensible manner. We will also address any questions that may have arisen.

PHASE IV: Monitoring and Adjusting

At regular progress meetings, which are typically held quarterly, we report to you on the progress you’re making toward achieving your goals and check in with you on any important changes in your life that might call for an adjustment to your investment plan. In addition, at the first regular meeting, we present to you an advanced plan – a comprehensive blueprint for addressing your advanced planning needs that has been developed in coordination with our network of professionals. At subsequent progress meetings, we work together to decide how to proceed on specific elements of the advanced plan. In this way, over time, every aspect of your complete financial picture is effectively managed.